EPP and EPE Foam for Cushioning and Protective Athletic Padding

Because of their superior shock absorption and isotropic mechanical properties, ARPLANK Direct’s EPP beaded foam planks are used by designers, architects, and installers in sports and leisure industries. EPP foam is an ideal underlayment as shock padding for synthetic grass sport surfaces.

Ultra low-density EPE is ideal for sport mattings, protective padding, jump blocks training, pole cushioning, covered tackling dummies, and Ninja cushions.

Sports & Leisure Applications

Sports Turf Underlayment

Synthetic Turf Shock Pad Underlayment

Tile Underlayment

High Impact Padding

Playground Impact Pad

Plyo Boxes

EPP Foam Has Excellent Strength, Durability, and Energy Absorption 

In this video, a 4″x4″x4″ block of EPP #1.9 is being impacted at 25 MPH.  About 50-60% compression and returns to original shape to manage another impact.

Meeting Strict Standards for Safety

ARPLANK Direct EPP and EPE foam resins are FDA approved, have proven safety performance, and are anti-microbial and environmentally sustainable. They are the perfect choice for foam fabricators and OEMs in the sports and leisure industries.

They meet the top industry safety standards. Industry test standards for playground padding include:

  • ASTM F355: measures Gmax for body impact for sports surfaces
  • ASTM F1292: covers head impact for playground surfaces and measures Gmax and HIC (head impact criteria)
  • ASTM F1272: specifies a MAX head impact criteria for Gmax of 200 and a MAX head impact HIC of 1000

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