EPE and EPP Foam for Marine Applications

ARPLANK Direct foam planks are ideal for marine flotation applications including fendering, bumpering, and thermal and sound dampening hull insulation that can be cut and removed for Coast Guard inspection and repairs. Leading OEM’s use ARPLANK EPE for boat collars that meet Coast Guard spec CGD75-168 criteria. Their low-density properties with a high air-to-plastic ratio make them exceptionally buoyant while maintaining structural strength over a long period of service.

ARPLANK Direct also offers porous expanded polypropylene (PEPP) sheets, a closed-cell foam with 25% open area, which provides a combination of sound blocking and sound absorption all in one product. This makes it ideal for wet marine applications like interior ductwork on large vessels. PEPP comes in 1” and 2” panels that meet the Class A fire rating.

Marine Foam Applications
Flotation Foam, Insulation, and More

Marine Fendering and Bumpering

Below Deck Buoyancy

Boat Collars, Flotation & Impact Pads

Shaped EPP Core

EPP Core with Stringers

Boogie Boards

Classification Chemicals Name
Mineral Oil Lubricating Oil 1 1
Engine Oil 1 1
Gasoline 2 2
Kerosene 2 2
Heavy Oil 1 1
Organic Solvent Toluene 2 2
Benzene 2 2
Acetone 2 2
Ethyl Alcohol 1 1
n-Heptane 2 2
Carbon Tetrachloride 2 2
Trichloroethylene 2 2
Ethyl Acetate 1 1
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 2 2
Formaldehyde 1 1
Inorganic 10% Sol. Sulphuric Acid 1 1
10% Sol. Nitric Acid 1 1
10% Sol. Hydrochloric Acid 1 2
10% Sol. Sodium Hydroxide 1 1
Ammonium Solution 1 1

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“Over the last 15 years I have lead multiple teams that have designed, engineered and implemented ARPLANK Expanded Bead Polyethylene (EPE) foams into a broad range of marine products requiring a lightweight, resilient and effective solution for fendering and buoyancy. I have never been disappointed in its performance or physical properties and would advise anyone engineering a displacement or fendering solution to consider it.”


Vice President of Engineering, Leading Inflatable Watercraft Manufacturer