EPP & EPE Foam Planks for Packaging and Product Applications

Bead foams like expanded polypropylene (EPP) and expanded polyethylene (EPE) are versatile closed-cell foams that are the most affordable, sustainable, and best performing options for a variety of industry applications. At ARPLANK Direct, we supply foam fabricators and OEMs with high-quality foam planks and sheets in varying densities that can be used for everything from product packaging to components used to manufacture products spanning multiple industries.


ARPAK EPE foam planks are widely used to protect and ship painted automotive parts around the world. When it comes to shipping Class A parts between automotive suppliers EPE is the best choice.

ARPRO EPP foams meet all major automotive (OEM) Material Physical Property Test Specifications for low fogging, no odor, light-weighting, interior volume reduction, and NVH solutions. Interior components include stuffers, stand off-blocks, road noise dampening, battery pads, carpet stiffeners, and cavity fillers.



ARPLANK Direct’s bead foams meet MIL specs CID-A-A-59136 and CID-A-A-59135. EPE meets Class 1 and EPP meets Class 2 for- Types I, III, IV, and V. We also have Anti-Static (AS) and Fire Retardant (FR) grades available. All EPE and EPP products exceed the < 10% LEL for closed containers with zero out-gassing eliminating any chance of ignition or propagation. All Grade A, MIL spec foams are stock materials and do not need to be pinned, cured, or aged before shipment for faster lead times. EPE can manage fragile components like drones, electronic instruments, satellites, saddles for missiles, parts containerization, and rugged case interiors that experience high shock and vibration.


Product Protection and Packaging

From product packaging to custom crates, pallets, and case inserts, ARPLANK Direct foams are the ideal solution for a variety of product protection and packaging needs. EPE and EPP foam are lightweight, durable, and sustainable, and they provide an affordable way to package and protect a wide variety of products while in transit or storage.


Sports & Leisure

ARPLANK Direct foam planks can easily be customized to create a variety of sports and safe play cushioning, from lower impact and training padding to high impact synthetic turf shock pad underlayment and commercial warm flooring. They are highly resistant to moisture and meet ASTM F355 and ASTM F1292 for head impact (HIC) and GMAX for body impact requirements, making them ideal for a variety of applications that require safety and comfort.



ARPLANK Direct foam planks are ideal for marine flotation applications. They meet US Coast Guard specifications CGD75-168, 33 CFR Part 183.114 requirements and are exceptionally buoyant. Their lightweight structural strength, ability to withstand the dynamic flexural stresses common to watercraft, and high resistance to oils, fuel/gas, solvents, and chemicals make them ideal for marine applications. These applications include boat collars, fendering, under-deck insulation/flotation, and self-righting. ARPLANK PEPP materials can also be used for sound blocking and vibration isolation for ship engine room ducting that contains moisture.

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